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Designer Cakes 

Pastel Coloured Cake with Chocolate Drip!

Fresh roses, macarons, gold leaf flecks & fresh berries,

1 tier 6" From $180

Chocolate Marble Cake, Black Drip!

With chocolate donuts, macarons, chocolates & topper

1 tier 6" From $170

Semi Naked Cake with Chocolate Drip!

With fresh roses, meringue berries & gold leaf flecks

Not including topper

1 tier 6" from $180

White with Gold Drip!

With fresh white/ Ivory roses, meringues, white chocolates

1 tier 6" from $190

Fun Coloured Cakes!

Perfect for kids! Chocolate drip, lolly pop, topper, number, macarons, lollies.

1 tier 7" from $140

Chocolate Ganache Cake!

Fresh roses, macarons & edible lace, in your colour choice. Topper not included.

1 tier 6" from  $150